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No fee forex credit card that can pay itself with pre-authorized debits?

I am looking for a card that can be automatically paid in full with a PAD every month and that has no fee on forex transactions.
I'm currently using the Home Trust Visa but their website is horrendous, and they can't do PAD payments. As a result, I occasionally forget to pay off my statements and have to pay interest.
So what is a card that doesn't charge anything to do transactions in a different currency (online or in person abroad) and can pay itself with a PAD?
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Most economical way of paying off student loan from overseas.

I searched through this subreddit and was surprised to see this hasn't been discussed at much length (or I am bad at searching).
I am living overseas in Canada and am being charged 3.5% interest on my student loan balance so I'd like to now start paying it off ASAP.
From what I can see there are a number of possible methods for paying off a student loan from overseas:
I put together a quick table summarizing my options, calculated at 07:00 EDT - 9/8/20. Some things to note:
Method Fee Send Amount (CAD) Recieve Amount (NZD) Notes
TransferWise $8.79 $891.60 $1,000.00
Western Union $0.00 $908.30 $1,000.00
Orbit Remit $0.00 --- --- CAD Not Available
XE $0.00 ? $1,000.00 Website Down
OFX $0.00 $887.67 $1,000.00
Credit Card $0.00 $896.33 $1,000.00
Credit Card $12.72 $909.05 $1,000.00 IRD Convenience fee included (1.42%)​
Direct Debit $0.00 $904.10 $1,000.00
I have a few questions:
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Moving to London from Canada (30y/o) and looking for the basics: bank account, phone plan, credit card, etc.

Greetings from /PersonalFinanceCanada !
I am looking to move to the UK in the coming months to live with my partner who is working in London. I am able to telework/remote work from the UK with my current Canadian job that pays in Canadian dollars. I have a work Visa for the UK, but am not looking just yet. The pay is good enough, even with the low dollar, high pound, to get by in London.
I am hoping some of you can offer some words of wisdom to a financially prudent individual with little knowledge of the UK system. I am looking for a good cellphone plan (I already own a phone, just just a month-by-month or 1-year contract max), an easy bank to open that ideally offers a credit card that I can get with no UK-credit history (I have great Canadian credit history), and any other tips that may aid me in this move.
So, for example, any promos from banks or credit cards that are work looking into?
I also understand that there are more bills in the UK (property tax, water, heat, electricity, etc.) and many cannot be paid by credit card, but through a current/checking account. How does one best set up their finances for this?
Since I'm paid in CAD$ not GBP, I will be transffering using TransferWise the basic amounts I need to get by in London for now, and perhaps using a no fee FOREX credit card for daily purchases.
Thank you all!
BONUS Q: anyone with knowledge of taxation across Canada-UK, please share. Given I'll be teleworking and paid in CAD$, the UK gov't wont even necessarily know I'm living there, but want to make sure I dont have to pay 2x the tax. :S
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Do all banks credit cards not work on stocks or forex trading websites?

I’ve tried like 4 credit cards from 4 different banks and none of them worked. Can anyone help me with this?
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Which card is best for traveling abroad? Debit card, credit card, Forex card. And how can an ordinary person get a Forex card?

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12K in credit card debt, no savings or checkings. Forex problem

The past 3 years I have been losing money trading forex. I would make money for a week working, Say 800. So I would put 100 in, lose it, chase my losses, deposit another 200 etc. So over the years I have lost 30k trading. Fast forward today, I just blew my savings last night. I now have no money to my name and on top of that I have credit card debt of 12k.
What are you supposed to do when you get late fees for not being able to pay your monthly bill? Also I have been hiding this debt and my trading addiction from my family, and friends but mostly my father who is going to kill me. How do I tell him I lost all this money without him losing his shit and whats the point even if telling him is not going to change the fact that the money is gone.
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travelling to Singapore for 3 months, which debit/credit/forex card would you recommend?

I'm gonna be in singapore for atleast 3 months, and i have no idea which card to use to minimize transaction or hidden fees.
Right now i am using icici Ferrari platinum credit card.
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Forex vs Credit card?

does anyone know any benefits of forex card (such as HDFC bank MakeMyTrip Forex card ) over a credit card (say a credit card which offers 2% markup instead of 3.5%) ?

HDFC bank MMT forex card with zero issuance fee: : https://www.hdfcbank.com/personal/products/cards/forex-cards/makemytrip-forexplus-card

HDFC Diners black offers 2% markup

  1. So if make transactions worth 10,000 INR on diners black, it will charge me 10,200 INR. correct? (diners black may not be accepted everywhere though)
  2. What would be the equivalent charges on 10,000 INR money load for forex card? Where can I check this?
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🎁✅ Give It Away Free ✅🎁 This FREE Trading System Finds $1000+ Trades Almost Every Single Day. You can get this trading system for FREE today... PLUS three days of professional Forex training. This is a free service, no credit card required.

🎁✅ Give It Away Free ✅🎁 This FREE Trading System Finds $1000+ Trades Almost Every Single Day. You can get this trading system for FREE today... PLUS three days of professional Forex training. This is a free service, no credit card required. submitted by MdNursyazwi to GiveItAwayFree [link] [comments]

HDFC Bank blocked and disabled my credit card for alleged "forex trading".

A year and a half ago, I got a call from a person from HDFC bank who offered me a free no yearly fee credit card. They said that since you have a salary account with us, you are eligible for this offer.
I was not specifically looking for a credit card, but since they said it was free, I agreed. So after a few calls, they sent a card home. The card had a limit of ₹100,000, but was of Diners, so was not accepted in most of the places. No wonder, I didn't use the card much.
A few days from that, a dude calls me and tells me that out of the ₹100,000 limit you got, ₹15,000 is blocked and unusable. To unblock that amount, you have to purchase a health insurance policy from us for two years, and after two years, you will get back the whole ₹15,000 as reward points which you can withdraw or use. This is where things started to get a bit fishy. When purchasing the card, this wasn't told to me. They also added a card protection plan called OneAssist, worth around ₹2000, which wasn't also told to me in the beginning.
So I asked the guy what will happen if I don't purchase the policy. He told we are going to charge ₹15,000 from you anyway (a big red flag), so it's better that you purchase the policy from us. You are getting it essentially for free, since you will get back the amount after two years.
I didnt have a health insurance policy then, and the rate they were offering was comparable to the rates provided if I buy the policy independently, so I agreed. They started charging every month around ₹650 (₹500 principal + around ₹150 interest + taxes) and this was to go on for 2 years.
But it didn't. Last month, they blocked and closed my credit card. I got no intimation about it from them either via phone or email, and I had to call them and wait for 30 minutes before I could speak to an actual human being and know what happened. The outstanding of the health insurance amount was foreclosed (amounting to around ₹6500 with charges and taxes) and I was liable to pay for it by the end of free credit period.
I was told that my card was disabled because of forex trading on 13th of August. When I asked there is no transaction on that particular date, they told that the system detected it was a illegal transaction, and blocked it right away. I am pretty sure that they were outright lying, I rarely used the Diners credit card for anything, statement after statement, the only charge was that of health insurance emi. I kept it only for emergency purpose, incase I suddenly need cash someday.
I know this was pretty much a scam, just to sell the health insurance policy and that OneAssist thingy that no one will otherwise buy. Question is, is there something I can do about it, legally? When I asked them about proof that some illegal transaction took place, like the online website where that transaction happened, they said they can't disclose it.
How to prevent getting duped by such scammy procedures? And can banks close credit cards right away, without giving any proof to customers? What if the outstanding was a high amount, which I wouldn't be able to pay in a month? Can they foreclose emis at their will, and make their customers go under debt trap?
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🎁✅ Give It Away Free ✅🎁 This FREE Trading System Finds $1000+ Trades Almost Every Single Day. You can get this trading system for FREE today... PLUS three days of professional Forex training. This is a free service, no credit card required.

🎁✅ Give It Away Free ✅🎁 This FREE Trading System Finds $1000+ Trades Almost Every Single Day. You can get this trading system for FREE today... PLUS three days of professional Forex training. This is a free service, no credit card required. submitted by Bumiputera to u/Bumiputera [link] [comments]

Lost credit card and they can’t ship it to me, is it possible to get a Forex card whilst IN India, as a foreigner?

I have had a look around and Axis bank seemed to be offering an India travel card exclusively for tourists. However when I located a branch they no longer offered the service.
Has anyone else been to India and got a Forex card whilst in the country?
Thanks in advance. No worries if not, I have two debit cards I just wanted to keep fees to a minimum.
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If I have a no-forex-fee US credit card, does it make sense to use it right now in Canada since I'm basically paying 69% of the price (since I'm not losing anything to conversion fee)?

I have the Bank Amerikard travel VISA, which has no foreign transaction fee for credit card payments. Does it make sense for me to use it for all my credit card uses in Canada at the moment when it's 1.45:1? Is there any reason for me NOT to do that?
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Zero forex fees on Canadian Credit Cards?

Hi all, wondering what everyone's experiences are with foreign exchange fees on Canadian CCs when using them abroad? I'm trying to get an idea of the cards that don't charge these fees.
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Best Credit Card with no forex fees?

Hey all,
Any advice on what the best credit card is that doesn't have forex fees?
I currently have the MBNA card with the cash back and a PC but both of them have forex fees, looking for one to use while traveling that also has the other perks (i.e. rental car insurance) as well as some sort of rewards (cashback or travel points preferred)
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FINANCE IDEAS – Portal of Debt Consolidation, Currency trading, Forex market, Currency Market, Market Trading, Foreign Currency Online, Finance Advisory, Credit Cards Online, Finance Advisory

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Looking for an international credit card to limit my cost of foreign transaction fees and Forex charges

I am in the US and will be taking a two week trip to the UK and other parts of Europe at the end of this year and am looking for my best option for a credit card as far as foreign transaction fees and forex charges are concerned.
From what I've read, a Capital One card appears to be an over all favorite. I have also seen a lot of buzz about the Chase Sapphire card and since I currently bank with Chase, this one is appealing.
What are some of the cards you use to limit your exposure to these expenses/fees while traveling? Are there any cards you prefer that I should look into further?
Thank you in advance for your help!
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Scotiabank buys JPMorgan's Canadian credit card operations - Let's Hope This Doesn't Affect the No Forex Charge Feature on Chase Cards

Scotiabank buys JPMorgan's Canadian credit card operations - Let's Hope This Doesn't Affect the No Forex Charge Feature on Chase Cards submitted by proshutup to churningcanada [link] [comments]

Non-US Credit/Debit Card with no forex fees

Hi Reddit!
Just found this sub and was wondering if anyone here knows about a bank that offers credit/debit cards with no currency conversion fee when abroad? I.e. say my account is in Mexican Pesos and I can use my card to pay/withdraw in Australia using the official interbank MXN/AUD conversion rate.
I've heard that Capital One might be an option but I'd like the bank to be outside of the US (I'm not a US citizen). Bonus point if the card is cheap/free, like less than $300/year.
Thanks for any leads :)
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Banks 'plunder' travellers with forex fees on credit card transactions

Banks 'plunder' travellers with forex fees on credit card transactions submitted by thelindfields to travel [link] [comments]

CFTC Bans Credit Card Use By Retail FOREX Investors

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jagira explains why forex transactions over your credit card do not happen over the exact exchange rate

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FOREX CARD OR CASH - WHICH IS BETTER? IS CREDIT CREDIT CARD BETTER OVER DEBIT CARD FOREX AND CREDIT  The Millionaires Secret  Forex trading ... DEPOSIT TO FOREX TRADING ACCOUNT WITHOUT BANK, CREDIT CARD ... Safe Forex Investment. No signup credit card required ... How to Deposit in Forex Without Bank Account and Credit Card Forex Card Kya hai  Forex Card or Cash Which is Better ... New Credit Card (Forex Lifestyle Vlog)

In case of forex card, one knows the exchange rate at the time of loading the card and calculate the cost of forex so loaded at that time itself. 2. Minimal foreign currency mark-up fee When you transact using either a credit card or forex card abroad, you will be charged a price over and above the actual transaction value, known as mark-up fee. Forex Card or Cash? Or should I use my credit card or debit card? This is the question that hovers around before you leave for your next or first trip abroad. The answer is simple — do a little homework first to get the most for your money overseas. Get on the internet and research. Compare rates and charges, features & benefits of all the products on offer for your overseas trip. In the ... Forex card vs International Debit/Credit card. If you compare forex card with an international debit or credit card, forex card is much better option than the other two for the following reasons. It is easy to apply and get as compared to the credit cards. You can load multiple foreign currencies in one card for use abroad which is not possible with debit/credit card. No currency conversion ... Credit card deposit/withdrawal fees. There is a mix of brokers who do not charge the trader any fees for making deposits/withdrawals while others charge a fee, usually around 2%. Some credit cards may also treat payments to forex brokers as cash advances rather than a regular purchase and charge a high interest rate. It would be best advised to ... If you are only looking for some reliable forex brokers that accept deposits and withdrawals via debit and credit card here you can see our top five picks: 1. XM. 2. Hot Forex. 3. Ava Trade. 4. IC Markets. 5. Roboforex . I am from USA. What can I do? No international forex brokers accept US customers. We know how troublesome is for US residents to find a reliable forex broker. No international ... Apply for Credit Card. With the help of a forex card, you can carry multiple forms of currency in one single card. This is the most secure and safest form of carrying money while traveling abroad. Various banks and financial institutions provide the facility of prepaid forex cards to their customers. Another thing that you can do with a forex card is to withdraw the cash in a hassle-free ... Are Forex Cards better than Debit and Credit Card? Absolutely Yes! Debit and Credit Cards involve a surcharge of 3.5-6%. It means if you get a bill of Rs. 5000 in a restaurant abroad, you pay Rs. 175 more (3.5% surcharge). Debit and Credit cards also attract a flat charge for ATM withdrawals. Tip: BookMyForex Cards have ZERO surcharge . What are the various charges included in Forex Card ...

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